Figure 2.

Distortion product otoacoustic emissions. Average DP-grams for mice (8–10 weeks old) in response to 5–55 kHz f2 inputs of 65 dB intensity. Distortion product amplitudes have been corrected to account for differences in noise floors between samples. (A) DP-grams of mice from each of the 4 parental strains: C3HeB/FeJ (n = 17), CBA/CaJ (n = 12), C57BL/6J (n = 12), NIH Swiss HFHL (n = 12). (B) DP-grams for the parental, F1 (n = 8), and N2 (n = 306) populations for the NIH Swiss HFHL x C3HeB/FeJ cross. (C-D) DP-grams for the parental and F2 populations for the (C) NIH Swiss HFHL x CBA/CaJ (n = 294) and (D) NIH Swiss HFHL x C57BL/6J crosses (n = 320). DPgrams of parental strains were redrawn in (B-D) for comparison.

Keller and Noben-Trauth BMC Genetics 2012 13:32   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-32
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