Figure 5.

Expression of PHO5-lacZ and GAL10-lacZ in upf1Δ strains. A. Yeast strains CY4353 (TRA1 UPF1), CY5932 (TRA1 upf1Δ), CY4103 (tra1-L3733A UPF1), CY5972 (tra1-L3733A upf1Δ), CY4350 (tra1-F3744A UPF1), and CY6030 (tra1-F3744A upf1Δ) were transformed with a LEU2 centromeric plasmid containing a PHO5-lacZ fusion, grown to stationary phase in media depleted of leucine, washed three-times with water, diluted into YPD media depleted of phosphate, grown for 16 hr at 30°C and β-galactosidase activity determined, normalizing to cell density. B. GAL10-lacZ was analyzed as above with initial cultures grown in raffinose containing media and shifting to 2% galactose. The P values for the statistical significance of the difference of UPF1 versus upf1Δ for TRA1-L3733A and tra1-F3744A are 0.006 and 0.001 (n = 6), respectively.

Kvas et al. BMC Genetics 2012 13:19   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-19
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