Figure 1.

Interval mapping of the QTL for number of vertebrae on SSC7. A QTL analysis was performed in a JD family consisting of a Duroc sire, five Chinese Jinhua dams, six F1 sires, 21 F1 dams, and 528 F2 progeny. Plots of the F-ratio for interval mapping analysis are shown. The 95% confidence interval was analyzed with 10,000 repeats of bootstrap samples by QTL Express software and is indicated in the inset bar graphs. Black bars mean that the regions were included within 95% of samples. The 95% confidence interval for this QTL was from 83 cM to 88 cM on SSC7, between markers SW263 and S0115. In this analysis, a linkage map constructed by using the JD family was used.

Mikawa et al. BMC Genetics 2011 12:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-12-5
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