Figure 3.

Alternative splicing of the bovine MOCS1. Part of the genomic sequence and the deduced amino acids of exon 10, intron 10 and exon 11 of the bovine MOCS1 is shown. Exon-intron boundaries are indicated by arrows above the nucleotide sequence. The coding sequences of the predicted RNAs are shown with capital letters, intronic sequence with small letters indicating the putative splice sites leading to splice type I and II. Splice type II leads no the no-nonsense transcript (predicted RNA accession number GI:261490660) that is translated into a functional MOCS1B protein. The end of MOCS1A (top) and the beginning of MOCS1B protein sequences (bottom) are shown in bold.

Buitkamp et al. BMC Genetics 2011 12:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-12-11
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