Figure 5.

Cell proliferation in the out of sight retina. (A - B) Immunolabeling of transverse cryosections through the retinae of wild-type (A) and outm233 mutant (B) embryos with anti-phospho-histone H3 (red) antibodies at 36 hpf. Sections were counterstained with YoPro (green). (C) Graph illustrating the numbers of phospho-H3 histone-positive nuclei on sections through wild-type and outm233 mutant retinae as indicated. (D) Graph showing the ratio of phospho-H3-positive cells to all cells. No differences between wild-type and outm233 embryos were identified. In (C - D), black dots represent sections. As some sections have the same number of phospho-H3-positive cells, the number of dots does not equal the number of sections. n ≥ 10 embryos and ≥ 15 sections for both wild-type and mutant samples. Asterisks indicate the lens, and arrowheads the optic nerve. Dorsal is up.

den Hollander et al. BMC Genetics 2010 11:102   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-11-102
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