Figure 3.

Simultaneous genotyping of two or more SNPs within the same amplicon using the classic HRM approach. There are two SNPs in this amplicon: rs17880560 and rs1614984. In grey, samples homozygous for both SNPs; in red, samples homozygous for rs17880560 (delCACGGC/delCACGGC) and heterozygous for rs1614984 (C/T). In blue, samples homozygous for rs1614984 (C/C) and heterozygous for rs17880560 (insCACGGC/delCACGGC). In green, samples heterozygous for both SNPs.

Garritano et al. BMC Genetics 2009 10:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-10-5
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