Figure 2.

Representative electropherogram of the K1 multiplex assay conducted on the HB50 aDNA extract made from the Iceman's bone, reporting all three HVS1 mutations revealed in the singleplex assays (16224–16311–16362) and eight additional phylogenetically informative SNPs. The SBE results are differentiated by a combination of the alleles and their electrophoretic mobility, determined by the length of the primers (see Table S4). All alleles are called relative to the strand of origin targeted in the SBE reaction; those from the reverse strand should be complemented to be consistent with the rCRS (see Table S2). Positions 5913 and 498 (the smaller peak of the two) have coalesced slightly due to departures from the predicted electrophoretic mobility of the SBE primers. Minor peaks to the left and immediately adjacent of some SNP positions represent background noise, due to variation in length of some SBE primers and can be ignored. There is some background noise evident on the A system but only the peak at the 16362 position is in the correct position to represent contamination (see Fig. 3).

Endicott et al. BMC Genetics 2009 10:29   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-10-29
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