Figure 1.

Distribution of CNVs and differences in CNV frequencies. A. Genomic distribution of CNV frequencies in the African American population. Green bars above the central line indicate duplications at those genomic positions and red bars below the central line indicate deletions at those genomic positions. The height of the bars indicate the frequency of the CNV at a given genomic position in the population. B. Genomic distribution of CNV frequency differences between whole blood derived African American and White DNAs. A green or red bar above the central line indicates a higher frequency of duplications or deletions, respectively, in the whole blood DNA at the given genomic position, and the height of the bar indicates the magnitude of those frequency differences. Likewise, bars below the central line indicate higher frequencies in cell line DNAs. C. Close up of differences of CNV frequencies between African Americans and Whites for the chr. 15q11 and 17q21 regions. Green line below the central line indicates and increased frequency of duplication in Whites, and above in African Americans. Red line below the central line indicates and increased frequency of deletion in African Americans, and above in Whites. The lines below the chromosomal graph indicate the gene locations and locations of CNVs in the Database of Genomic Variants (pink bar).

McElroy et al. BMC Genetics 2009 10:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-10-15
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