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Regulatory changes between juvenile dwarf and normal whitefish in a common environment. Similarity of regulatory changes between dwarf and normal whitefish at different life history stages in controlled common environments. All comparisons are based on the same strains (Lake Témiscouata "dwarf" and Lake Aylmer "normal" respectively). 108 EST clones that display significant differentiation in gene expression in whole juvenile fish (this study) were previously found to be differentially expressed in muscle tissue from adult fish [21]. When genes are represented by several EST clones these are grouped according to their annotation (accession number and gene name) and patterns of gene expression. "up" or "down" regulation describes the direction of the change of gene expression in the dwarf whitefish relative to normal whitefish. Biological functions are as given in Derome et al. [21]. EM = energetic metabolism; IR = immune response; OB = oxygen binding; OF = other function; PS = protein synthesis; RPD = reproduction; MCR = muscle contraction regulation; PM = protein metabolism. Despite the fact that different tissues were used, 31 out of 45 genes show congruent directions of significant regulatory changes in juvenile and adult fish (last column), which points towards ubiquitous patterns of expression divergence at juvenile and adult stages in a common laboratory environment.

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Nolte et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2009 9:59   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-9-59