Figure 3.

Taxonomic resolution of AAI, BLAST proteome and genome dissimilarity [δ*(f,g)] of vibrios. Mean and standard deviations. Red = AAI; Green = proteome; yellow = [δ*(f,g)]. The taxonomic resolution of AAI is down to the intergenera level, whereas [δ*(f,g)] has a resolution at interspecies level. The dashed lines delimit (p < 0.001) the different taxonomic levels for AAI and [δ*(f,g)] but not for the proteome. The proteome did not completely fit this figure (and dashed lines limits), showing some noise signal for V. harveyi-V.harveyi.

Thompson et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2009 9:258   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-9-258
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