Figure 1.

Flower morphology of Opithandra dinghushanensis. A) Inflorescence with flowers near or at anthesis, showing strongly zygomorphic corolla; B) An opened corolla at anthesis showing two dorsal petals smaller than two lateral and one ventral petals, and androecium with two fertile lateral stamens and two ventral and one dorsal staminodes; C) Magnification of the framed part in (B), showing two infertile lateral stamens with short filaments and small sterile anthers, and a tiny dorsal staminode that is barely visible; D) Floral diagram; Scale bars, 10 mm (A), 7 mm (B) and 3 mm (C). dp, dorsal petal (in blue); dt, dorsal staminode; lp, lateral petal (in yellow); lt, lateral stamen (in yellow); s, sepal; vp, ventral petal (in pink); vt, ventral staminode (in pink).

Song et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2009 9:244   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-9-244
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