Figure 8.

In situ hybridization of dicyemid ZicA, ZicB, Pax6, and actin1. (A-C) ZicA; (D) ZicB; (E) Pax6; (F, G) actin1; (H) in situ hybridization, without RNA probe as a negative control. (A) infusorigen; (B) later stage of infusoriform embryo and formed infusoriform embryo; (C) later stage of vermiform embryo; (D) infusorigen and 2-cell-stage embryo; (E), infusorigen; (F), infusorigen and early stages of developing infusoriform embryos, and formed infusoriform embryo; (G), agametes and later stage of vermiform embryo; (H), whole body of young individual. Scale bar, 10 μm. AG, agamete; AX, axial cell; CL, calotte; DI, developing infusoriform embryo; DV, developing vermiform embryo; F, fertilized egg; IN, infusoriform embryo; O, oogonium; PO, primary oocyte; P, peripheral cell; S, spermatogonium; SP, sperm; U, urn cell; V, vermiform embryo; 2C, 2-cell-stage embryo; 4C, 4-cell-stage embryo.

Aruga et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2007 7:201   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-7-201
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