Figure 3.

Simultaneous analysis (SA) tree of 43 data partitions. Single Most Parsimonious tree of the Spermatophyta, generated through the simultaneous analysis of 42 gene partitions, plus a morphological partition. Unboxed numbers on branches are bootstrap values. Node numbers are in white boxes. All other values are Partitioned Branch Support (PBS) values, as follows: Pink = total branch support (PBS); Yellow = apparent branch support (BS); Blue = hidden support (PHBS) with % total BS given below the PHBS. Branch support analysis for the cellular compartments is given to the right of the total support measures. Small boxes on right side of node indicate annotation of the total (on top) and hidden (on bottom) branch support for the three major cellular compartments. From left to right; Green = chloroplast; Blue = mitochondrion; Red = nuclear. Bootstrap values (2000 replicates) are shown on each node. The matrix has 15325 characters, 1085 phylogenetically (parsimony) informative. Tree Length: 6899 (exhaustive search); CI [90]: 0.918 (CI excluding uninformative characters: 0.739), RI [91]: 0.566.

de la Torre et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2006 6:48   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-6-48
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