Figure 5.

Immunolocalization of Ce-GnRHR to the pharynx. (i). Permeabilized adult N2 worm probed with anti-Ce-GnRHR antibody. The myofilament lattice of the pharyngeal muscles were stained intensely with anti-Ce-GnRHR antibody. Immunostaining was localized along the three parallel muscles that comprise the pharyngeal musculature beginning at the tip of the head and extending to the pharyngeal bulb. All 8 pharyngeal muscle domains (pm 1–8) are stained (the focal plane is nearly at the center of the body axis such that all three domains are seen separately). The gap between contractile zones in two adjacent pharyngeal muscle territories are evident. Myofilaments running radially are most obvious in the bulb (see enlarged view in insert). (ii). Higher focal plain of worm in (i) showing more pronounced lattice of one myofilament. (iii). Pre-incubation of anti-Ce-GnRHR antibody with its antigen peptide abolished staining in permeabilized adult worms, demonstrating the specificity of the antibody for Ce-GnRHR. Scale: 50μm.

Vadakkadath Meethal et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2006 6:103   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-6-103
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