Figure 1.

Histogram of local densities of Genbank Accessions used to construct a Diaspora consensus contig. Recognition sites of restriction enzymes used to generate BAC libraries are indicated. Restriction sites in () are found in < 50% of sequences. The right LTR is not shown. The contig was assembled from the following Genbank Accessions: AF095730 (this study), AY656632-AY656656 (this study), AY656659-AY656662 (this study), AQ989187, AQ989208, AQ989232, AQ989271, AQ989295, AZ044709, AZ045083, AZ221405, AZ301361, AZ302029, AZ536637, AZ933330, AZ936131, BE611677, BH000863, BH000924, BH001187, BH023628, BH023632, BH023632, BH173556, BH405523, BH405626, BH405659, BH405669, BH610143, BH610157, BH610193, BH840834, BH854486, BH888573, BH897988, BH912698, BI974271, BU546431, CC062189, CC062259, CC062269, CC062279, CC062321, CC062333, CC062399, CC062412, CC062425, CC062501, CC062524, CC062576, CC062745, CC062865, CG811196, CG812831, CG813036, CG813244, CG813336, CG813336, CG813447, CG813495, CG813591, CG813669, CG813710, CG813854, CG813944, CG814001, CG814027, CG814297, CG814428, CG814537, CG814691, CG814705, CG814739, CG814773, CG814814, CG814837, CG814944, CG814960, CG815296, CG815349, CG815376, CG815566, CG815593, CG815931, CG815990, CG816077, CG816195, CG816437, CG816499, CG816820, CG816902, CG816924, CG816965, CG817175, CG817237, CG817248, CG817294, CG817426, CG817444, CG817647, CG817665, CG817749, CG817754, CG817777, CG817807, CG817873, CG817996, CG818405, CG818428, CG818443, CG818626, CG818673, CG818711, CG819087, CG819204, CG819222, CG819552, CG819604, CG819672, CG819766, CG819790, CG819813, CG819936, CG819977, CG820067, CG820103, CG820158, CG820299, CG820411, CG820560, CG820627, CG820654, CG820656, CG820670, CG820673, CG820702, CG820718, CG820816, CG820848, CG820850, CG820868, CG821026, CG821085, CG821093, CG821150, CG821179, CG821206, CG821219, CG821294, CG821311, CG821532, CG821597, CG821693, CG821710, CG821772, CG821963, CG822140, CG822195, CG822264, CG822361, CG822369, CG822426, CG822466, CG822466, CG822582, CG823113, CG823202, CG823294, CG823320, CG823499, CG823505, CG823511, CG823713, CG824266, CG824332, CG824372, CG824380, CG824407, CG824533, CG825062, CG825163, CG825591, CG825777, CG825811, CG825933, CG826013, CL867862, CL8811208, CL881708, CL882298, CL886562, CL891285, CL899081

Yano et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2005 5:30   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-5-30
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