Figure 5.

Chimeric operons (metabolic pathways of putatively mixed origin) in F. nucleatum. Arrowed boxes represent gene orientation, coloured by BLAST top hit. White boxes: top hit to Firmicutes; grey boxes: top hit to Archaeal species; black boxes: top hit in Gram negative species. Numbers below boxes indicate the percent of top ten hits that have matches in Firmicutes. Names above indicate gene names (I-BP: Iron binding protein; NIP: Nitrogenase iron protein; Oxdtase: Oxidoreductase; B, C, D, F: dipeptide permeases B, C, D, F; BP: dipeptide binding protein; Tr: ABC transporter; unk: unknown function gene; Rec: Hemin receptor). Best match taxa by the phylogenetic tree and gene order methods are also indicated (A: Archaea; Pr: Proteobacteria; Sp: Spirochaetes; CP: consistent with (ribosomal) phylogeny; O: other eubacteria; x: unresolved; --: not analysed. Plus signs indicate unusual DNA composition by the method of García-Vallvé et al. 2003.

Mira et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2004 4:50   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-4-50
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