Figure 4.

Recombination evidence in ITS sequences. A: Minimum number of recombination events in ITS clades (numbered as in Figure 1) calculated using the DnaSP program [12]. "perado": I. perado clade. "canariensis": GC 61% clade of I. canariensis representing functional ITS sequences. B: An example of obvious recombined ITS sequences found in I. canariensis clade 5. Only informative nucleotides are represented. Homologous sequence fragments have the same color. Stars indicate the recombination points found by maximum likelihood (program LARD) for sequences can 90_6_54, can 25_2_54 and can 90_4_53 (see results).

Manen BMC Evolutionary Biology 2004 4:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-4-46
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