Figure 1.

Map of Madagascar showing the capture locations and/or the origin of the different Hapalemur species and subspecies, a) Analamera, b) Ambato, c) Ambakoany, d) Maroantsetra, e) Alaotra lake, f) Maromiza, g) Tsimbazaza zoo, h) Ranomafana, i) AmbolomavoJ) Kianjavato, k) Andohahela, l) Mandena. Abbreviations : HSI = Hapalemur simus, HAU = H. aureus, HGM = H. griseus meridionalis, HGsspb= H. griseus sspb, HGsspa= H. griseus sspa, HGG = H. g. griseus, HGA = H. g. alaotrensis, HGO = H. g. occidentalis. The first number behind each taxon represents the number of animals captured and the second, the number of haplotype found in this area. *The haplotype HGsspa02 is present in h, i and j; Hgsspa03 in h and j; Hgsspa07 in h and i; HGsspa10 in h and i.

Fausser et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2002 2:4   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-2-4
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