Table 2

Climate variables from the WorldClim website ( webcite) used for parameterizing each of 20 distribution models for the North American vaejovid scorpion Pseudouroctonus reddelli
(a) Sets WorldClim variables
1 Bio3, Bio8, Bio15, Bio18
2 Bio1, Bio2, Bio8, Bio17
3 Bio2, Bio5, Bio18, Bio19
4 Bio5, Bio6, Bio13, Bio15
5 Bio2, Bio8, Bio11, Bio14
(b) Variable name Variable definition
Bio1 Annual mean temperature
Bio2 Mean diurnal temperature range
Bio3 Isothermality
Bio5 Maximum temperature of the warmest month
Bio6 Minimum temperature of the coldest month
Bio8 Mean temperature of the wettest quarter
Bio11 Mean temperature of the coldest quarter
Bio13 Precipitation of the wettest month
Bio14 Precipitation of the driest month
Bio15 Precipitation seasonality
Bio17 Precipitation of the driest quarter
Bio18 Precipitation of the warmest quarter
Bio19 Precipitation of the coldest quarter

(a) Variable sets used in modelling and (b) variable definitions.

Bryson et al.

Bryson et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014 14:9   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-14-9

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