Figure 1.

NRT1/PTR phylogeny. Unrooted maximum likelihood phylogenetic reconstruction of the NRT1/PTR families in plants and a set of 24 non-plant sequences identified as best GenBank BLAST hits using representative members from each supergroup as query. Taxonomic groups are colored such that blue refers to eudicots, red to monocots, green to chlorophytes, yellow to bryophytes, and orange to lycophytes. Percent Bootstrap values from 1,000 replicates are given for central branches only up to the branches defining supergroups. The approximate location of functionally characterized transporters discussed is indicated (NRT: nitrate transporter, GTR: glucosinolate transporter, PTR: peptide transporter, NiTR: nitrite (NO2-) transporter, NAXT: nitrate excretion transporter, and AIT: abscisic acid (ABA) transporter). *Note that supergroup F is paraphyletic; the containing clades have been combined owing to poor bootstrap support separating them. For detailed phylogenies of each superfamily and group definitions see Additional file 2. For database accession numbers of the 1,101 protein sequences included see Additional file 1.

von Wittgenstein et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014 14:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-14-11
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