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Figure S2. Cnidarian phylogeny of mitochondrial protein genes using the codon alignment CodAliM75tx-argleuser3. Phylogenetic analyses of cnidarian protein coding genes under the QMM + Γ model with PhyloBayes for the CodAliM75tx-argleuser3 alignments (4785 parsimony-informative characters). Support values correspond to the posterior probabilities for the QMM, the GTR(BI) and bootstraps for GTR(ML) analyses, respectively. Stars denote support values of PP > 0.98 and BV > 95. A dash denotes discrepancy between the results obtained by different methods. 1: Zoantharia; 2: Actiniaria; 3: Antipatharia; 4: Corallimorpharia; 5: Scleractinia; 6: Alcyonacea; 7: Pennatulacea; 8: Stauromedusae; 9: Carybdeida; 10: Chirodropida; 11: Limnomedusae; 12: Filifera III; 13: Filifera IV; 14: Leptothecata; 15: Capitata; 16: Aplanulata; 17: Semaeostomeae; 18: Rhizostomeae; 19: Ceriantharia; 20: Helioporacea.

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Kayal et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-5