Table 2

Results of planned contrasts following one-way MANOVA on mean ZOI across biofilm replicates and time
Contrast Antibiotics that differ significantly
Ancestor vs. 15 days CFP75↓, PB300↓
Ancestor vs. 30 days CFP75↓, GM10↓, PB300↓, SAM20↓, TE30↓
Ancestor vs. 60 days none
15 days vs. 30 days GM10↑
15 days vs. 60 days CIP5↓, E15↓, GM10↓, K30↓, NA30↓, PB300↓, S10↓, TE30↓
30 days vs. 60 days CIP5↓, GM10↓, K30↓, PB300↓, S10↓, SAM20↓, TE30↓
Biofilm 1 vs. biofilm 2 none
Biofilm 1 vs. biofilm 3 PB300↑
Biofilm 2 vs. biofilm 3 none

Symbols denote direction of change: ↓ = smaller ZOI for latter group, ↑ = larger ZOI for latter group.

Tyerman et al.

Tyerman et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:22   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-22

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