Figure 8.

Eudicotyledon subtype 11D myosins. A) Plants of the asterids clade encode long-tailed 11D myosins containing a C-terminal DIL domain in addition to the typical, short tailed 11D myosins lacking the DIL domain. As examples for 11D myosins, the Mimulus guttatus (Mig) short tailed 11Da and long tailed 11Db myosins are shown. All but the last two exons of MigMyo11Da are in accordance with corresponding exons of the long tailed version MigMyo11Db. B) The C-terminus of the short tailed myosins (encoded by the last two exons) is conserved throughout eudicotyledons. The level of conservation is displayed by the WebLogo plot [43]. As examples, C-terminal protein sequences of the asterid myosin MigMyo11Da and rosid 11D myosins from Arabidopsis thaliana (At) and Vitis vinifera (Vv) are shown. The numbers in front of each sequence in the alignment correspond to sequence positions. C) The cladogram shows the taxonomy of Magnoliophyta subtaxa and species. After separation of the eudicotyledons clade from the Liliopsida, long tailed 11D myosins and, subsequently, short tailed duplicates were invented. Most probably, the long tailed 11D myosin was lost in the last common ancestor of the rosids branch.

Mühlhausen and Kollmar BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:202   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-202
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