Table 1

Genetic sampling for this study, showing GenBank accession numbers for the five gene regions examined
Species Collector # Museum voucher Gene region
cyt-b 12S rRNA GHR vWF RAG1
Chinchilla lanigera (FMNH 178049) AF464760 AF520696 AF332036 AJ238385 KF590658
Abrocoma bennettii AF244387 FJ855213 AJ251143 JN633625
Abrocoma cinerea AF244388 AF520666 AF520643
Octodontomys gliroides (FMNH 162890) AF370706 AF520683 AF520649 KF590672 KF590663
Ctenomys coyhaiquensis (FMNH 134300) AF119112 KF590700 KF590678 KF590666 KF590659
Capromys pilorides AF422915 AF433926 AF433950 AJ251142 JN633628
Trinomys iheringi (FMNH 141667) EU313254 AF422868 KF590695 KF590677 EU313337
Thrichomys apereoides EU313252 AF422855 JX515325 AJ849315 EU313334
Myocastor coypus EU544663 AF520669 AF520662 AJ251140 AY011892
Proechimys cuvieri (FMNH 175256) AJ251400 KF590707 KF590693 KF590675 KF590665
Makalata macrura JLP 7197 MVZ 153637 EU313236 KF590687 EU313325
Makalata macrura JLP 15214 MVZ 194324 L23356 AF422879 AJ849312 EU313328
Toromys grandis AMO 824 FMNH 92198 KF590699 KF590694 KF590676 EU313336
Phyllomys blainvillii LPC 246 MVZ 197568 JF297836 KF590706 KF590692 JF297734 KF590664
Phyllomys blainvillii LMP 27 MNRJ 43810 U35412 AF422876 JX515331 JF297732 JX515323
Echimys chrysurus LHE 555 USNM 549594 L23341 AF422877 JX515333
Echimys chrysurus ROM 111578 EU313213 EU313303
Lonchothrix emiliae INPA 2472 AF422921 AF422857
Mesomys occultus JUR 501 MVZ 194396 L23388 AF422858 KF590689 EU313331
Mesomys occultus MNFS 201 U35415
Mesomys stimulax MDC 550 USNM 549807 L23389
Mesomys stimulax LHE 572 USNM 549808 L23392
Mesomys cf. leniceps JBM 368 MEPN 12212 KF590705 KF590696 KF590688 KF590671 KF590662
Mesomys hispidus MNFS 436 MVZ 194378 L23385 AF422860 AJ849305
Mesomys hispidus MNFS 745 MVZ 194391 L23395 AF422861 EU313322
Mesomys hispidus LHE 748 L23396
Mesomys hispidus LHE 836 USNM 579619 L23393
Mesomys hispidus MNFS 909 MVZ 194393 L23398
Mesomys hispidus ALG 14162 MBUCV L23371
Dactylomys boliviensis MNFS 988 MVZ 194298 L23339 AF422875 JX515334 AJ849307
Dactylomys boliviensis BDP 3942 FMNH 175249 EU313204 KF590679 EU313298
Dactylomys boliviensis SS 2225 FMNH 175250 EU313205 KF590680 EU313299
Dactylomys dactylinus INPA 2477 L23335 AF422874
Dactylomys dactylinus LHE 607 USNM 549842 L23336 EU313301
Dactylomys dactylinus LHE 878 USNM 579620 L23337 KF590681 KF590667 EU313300
Dactylomys peruanus LHE 1398 USNM 582148 EU313207
Dactylomys peruanus LHE 1374 MUSM13052 EU313206
Kannabateomys amblyonyx YL 182 AF422916 AF422849
Kannabateomys amblyonyx CTX 2942 AF422917 AF422850 AJ849310
Olallamys albicauda PH 6445 FMNH 71128 KF590697 KF590690 KF590673
Olallamys albicauda PH 6488 FMNH 71129 KF590698 KF590691 KF590674
Isothrix barbarabrownae BDP 3878 MUSM 16819 EU313214 KF590701 KF590682 KF590668 EU313304
Isothrix bistriata MNFS 471 MVZ 194315 L23349 JX515336 AJ849308
Isothrix bistriata RSV 2293 MUSM 13305 EU313217 EU313307
Isothrix negrensis MNFS 97 INPA L23355 AF422873
Isothrix negrensis JLP 16749 INPA EU313220
Isothrix orinoci USNM 406370 EU313223 KF590702 KF590683 KF590669 KF590660
Isothrix orinoci USNM 415193 EU313225
Isothrix pagurus LHE 141 USNM 555639 EU313227 KF590703 KF590684 KF590670 KF590661
Isothrix pagurus INPA 2463 L23348
Isothrix sinnamariensis ROM 106624 AY745734 KF590704 KF590685 EU313312
Isothrix sinnamariensis T4377 EU313228 KF590686 EU313313

Sequences in bold (with lengths in base pairs, bp) were newly generated for this study. Species listed without museum or collector numbers are chimeric assemblies; chimeras with newly generated sequence data have museum numbers in parentheses that correspond to voucher specimens.

Upham et al.

Upham et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:191   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-191

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