Table 1

Description of the 90 microarray CEL files used (accession number GEO NCBI database GSE33779)
Simulation facility Temperature constraints (ΔT) Oxygen (↓O2) constraints g level Name of CEL file replicates
RPM (From early to late pupae just before imagoes hatching) No No (open) Sim μg^ 80A 80B 80C
1g 81A 81B 81C
Yes No (open) Sim μg^ 70A 70B 70C
1g 71A 71B 71C
Yes Yes (close) Sim μg^ 70E 70F 70G 70H
1g 71E 71F 71G 71H
Magnetic levitator (From early to late pupae just before imagoes hatching) No Yes (close) 0g* 60A 60B 60C
1g* 61A 61B 61C
2g* 62A 62B 62C
1g 6cA 6cB 6cC
1g (open) 6oA 6oB 6oC
Yes Yes (close) 0g* 50A 50B 50C
1g* 51A 51B 51C
2g* 52A 52B 52C
1g 5cA 5cB 5cC
1g (open) 5oA 5oB 5oC
Hypergravity centrifuge (6g/12g) (From early to late pupae just before imagoes hatching) No No (open) 12g^ Q4A Q4B ---
6g^ --- Q3H# Q3I#
1g^ Q0A Q0H# Q0I#
1g Q1A Q1H# Q1I#
Yes No (open) 12g^ R4A R4B R4C
6g^ --- R3H# R3I#
1g^ R0A R0H# R0I#
1g R1A R1H# R1I#
No Yes (close) 12g^ Q9A# Q9B# Q9C#
6g^ --- Q8H# Q8I#
1g Q6A Q6B Q6C
Yes Yes (close) 12g^ --- Q9E# Q9F#
6g^ --- R8H# R8I#
1g^ RCA RCB ---
1g R6A R6B ---

Comparison experiments were performed using different environmental constraints in three devices. ΔT constraints mean 3.5 days of cold step (12°C) then 4 days at 22°C following the GENE experiment temperature profile [1]. ↓O2 means oxygen amount limited by the container (closed). * indicates the presence of a high magnetic field; ^ indicates the presence of mechanical/rotational disturbances; # indicates that replicates have been performed in a parallel second experiment with the same design. The name assigned to any of CEL file replicates is provided for clarity when revisiting the dataset.

Herranz et al.

Herranz et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:133   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-133

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