Table 3

Primers used for endosymbiont PCR amplifications
Primer name Description Sequence Reference
10 F* Universal bacteria AGT TTG ATC ATG GCT CAG ATT G Moran et al., 2003
1507R Universal bacteria TAC CTT GTT ACG ACT TCA CCC CAG Moran et al., 2003
35R Universal bacteria CCT TCA TCG CCT CTG ACT GC Takiya et al., 2006
8FBAC* Universal bacteria AGA GTT TGA TCC TGG CTC AG Gruwell et al., 2010
1492RBac Universal bacteria GGT TAC CTT GTT ACG ACT T Gruwell et al., 2010
640 F* Universal bacteria GGT GTA GCG GTG AAA TGC newly designed
720 F* Universal bacteria GGA TTA GAT ACC CTG GTA GTC C newly designed
740R Universal bacteria GGA CTA CCA GGG TAT CTA ATC C newly designed
10 CFB FF* Sulcia AGA GTT TGA TCA TGG CTC AGG ATG Moran et al., 2005
1515R Sulcia GTA CGG CTA CCT TGT TAC GAC TTA G Moran et al., 2005

Forward primers denoted by *.

Urban and Cryan

Urban and Cryan BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:87   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-87

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