Table 2

Wheat, triticale and rye cultivars used to characterize the virulence profile of the isolates
Cereal Cultivar Resistance genea Breeding companyb
Triticum aestivum Cerco None
Axminster Pm1a
Galahad Pm2
Asosan Pm3a
Chul Pm3b
Sonora Pm3c
Broom Pm3d
Khapli Pm4a
Weihenste Pm4b
Hope Pm5a
Ibis Pm5b
Holger Pm6
Kavkaz Pm8
Maris Dove Mld, Pm2
Sicco Pm5a, MlSi2
Triticale Lamberto Danko, Poland
Krakowiak Danko, Poland
Moderato Danko, Poland
Grenado Danko, Poland
Maximal Agri-Obtentions, France
Grandval Agri-Obtentions, France
Borodine Serasem, France
Ragtac RAGT, France
Joyce Sem-Partners, France
Tribeca Fl. Desprez, France
Talentro SW Seed, Sweden
Cultivo SW Seed, Sweden
Agostino SW Seed, Sweden
Partout Nordsaat Saatzucht GmbH, Germany
Amarillo Nordsaat Saatzucht GmbH, Germany
Secale cereale Dankowsky Złote Danko, Poland

aStandard wheat differentials with known powdery mildew resistance genes were used.

bFifteen triticale cultivars and one rye cultivar from different European breeding companies were used.

Troch et al.

Troch et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:76   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-76

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