Figure 5 .

Chromosomal locations of maize Bx and related genes. A. Chromosomal locations of all maize genes used in this study. In brown are genes related to Bx1, TSA, Igl and Igl_like. In red are genes included in the phylogenetic analysis of the CYP71C subfamily. Bx6 and Bx6 paralog are in blue, Bx7 in green, Bx8 and Bx9 in grey. Arrows indicate the gene orientation. The chromosomes are taken from the website [30]. B. The Bx gene cluster (~ 264 kb) on maize chromosome 4. Gene length is not to scale. 085303 is the GRMZM2G085303 gene of unknown function 085854 is the GRMZM2G085854 gene, an uncharacterized glucosyltransferase that has 27% amino acid identity with BX8. Bx7 is at about 15 Mb towards the centromere (right), separated from the cluster by about 360 other genes. Bx6 is not found in the current release of the maize genome. Genetic evidence places it within 7 cM of Bx3 and Bx4[11,12].

Dutartre et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:64   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-64
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