Table 2

Location of sampling sites
Prefix Site (Country) Geodetic coordinates Host species Collector* and date**
Latitude Longitude
AQT Townsville, Queensland (Australia) 19°18'S 146°44'E An. reinhardtii BS 2007
AQB Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 27°38'S 153°12'E An. reinhardtii BS 2007
ATD Deloraine, Tasmania (Australia) 41°31'S 146°39'E An. australis LP 2008
CGG Guangzhou, Guangdong (China) 23°07'N 113°15'E An. anguilla HT 03/07
CGZ Zhuhai, Guangdong (China) 22°16'N 113°34'E An. anguilla HT 03/07
EAV Albufera de Valencia (Spain) 39°21'N 0°20'W An. anguilla PMR 01/09
GST Steinfeld (Germany) 49°02'N 8°02'E An. anguilla AK 2009
GRA Rußheimer Altrhein (Germany) 49°12'N 8°25'E An. anguilla EH, UW 2009
JPN Natural water system, Wakayama (Japan) 34°13'N 135°10'E An. japonica HS 2006 2007
MAD Ambatondrazaka (Madagascar) *** 17°83'S 48°41'E An. mossambica OW 05/2008
POL Sniardwy Lake, Mikolajki (Poland) 53°45'N 21°43'E An. anguilla UW 2009
POR Ribeira das Lampreias (Portugal) 38°47'N 9°01'W An. anguilla JLC 03/09
SFH Farm Dam, Fort Hare (South Africa) 32°47'S 26°50'E An. mossambica HT 03/08
SKR Koonap River (South Africa) 32°1'S 26°08'E An. mossambica HT 03/08
SSD Sunday’s River, Slagboom Dam (South Africa) 33°22'S 25°40'E An. mossambica HT 03/08
SDD Sunday’s River, Darlington Dam (South Africa) 33°12'S 25°8'E An. mossambica HT 03/08
SGF Great Fish River (South Africa) 33°05'S 26°46'E An. mossambica HT 03/08
SNR Nahoon River (South Africa) 32°54'S 27°48'E An. mossambica HT 03/08
TUR Asi River, Hatay (Turkey) 36°24'N 36°21'E An. anguilla EG 12/08
TKR Sinyuan, Kaoping River (Taiwan) 22°30'N 120°25'E An. japonica HT 9/06
TCU Eel culturing pond, Budai, (Taiwan) 22°38'N 120°26'E An. japonica HT 9/06

Sampling locations for the nematodes including label prefix, information on geographic position (latitude and longitude), host species and information about sampling.

* Collectors are identified by their initials: AK: Albert Keim, BS: Björn Schäffner, EH: Emanuel Heitlinger, EG: Ercüment Genç, HT: Horst Taraschewski, JLC: José Lino Costa, LP: Lea Perseke, OW: Olaf Weyl, PMR: Pilar Muñoz Ruíz, KG: Kerstin Geiss and HS: Hiroshi Sato.

** Month (where known) and year(s).

*** A. papernai were obtained from An. mossambica that were purchased from a commercial eel supplier. According to the supplier, all eels originate from tributaries of the Mangory River. The exact localities of capture, holding conditions and periods prior to collection are however unknown.

Laetsch et al.

Laetsch et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:60   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-60

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