Table 4

The expression patterns of SET genes



Expression patterns


Suvr5b/2/9, Swna/b,

All showed high expression level in all tissues except Swnb showed relatively low expression in FC and YL

Atx1/2, Atx3b, Atxr3b


Suvr4a/b, Suvh7, Ashh1,

Most are expressed at lower levels and with different patterns than the first subgroup. Setd7 and Suvr4a have low expression levels in all the tissues.

Atxr2, Setd7/1


Atxr5a/5b/6a/6b, Atx3a,

Most had very low expression levels in almost all tissues, but the Clfb and Atx3a expressed at higher levels in certain tissues.

Atxr3a, Clfb, Setd2b


Suvh3/4a/5/10, Suvr3,

Most had high expression levels in YL, ML and others, but low expression in FC. Suvr1, Atxr1 and Ashh3 have low expression levels in all the tissues.

Ashh3, Ashr2/1, Atxr1/4,



Ashh2a/2b/4, Ashr3

Most genes had low expression levels in all the tissues, but Ashr3, Atx5, Setd6 and Atxr7b showed high expression levels only in FC and MC

Atxr7a/b, Atx4/5, Setd6

※Based on hierarchical clustering as shown in Figure 5

Lei et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:51   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-51

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