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Figure S2. Mutant flies are no less thermotolerant than wild-type flies. We determined thermal stress tolerance via adult mortality of males (upper panel) and females (lower panel) under heat-shock stress in mutant and wild-type lines. We determined basal thermal tolerance (labeled as 'Basal' in the figure) by heat-shocking 3-day old adults in a water bath at 40.3°C for 30 minutes, and counted survivors after a 24 hour recovery period at 25°C. We measured induced thermal tolerance (labeled as 'Induced') by pre-treating flies at 29.0°C for 20 minutes, followed by 40 minutes at 36.5°C for Hsp83 expression induction, before heat-shocking flies as above at 40.3°C for 30 minutes. We subjected about 30 flies of each genotype (Hsp83P/P and Hsp83+/+) from each of 13 to 20 isofemale lines to this treatment. Error bars indicate one standard error of the mean.

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Chen and Wagner BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:25   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-25