Figure 2.

Results of genomic clines analyses for the population pair HV (results for MR were similar; see Additional file4: Figure S4).a) 95% credible intervals for genomic cline parameter α. Loci are sorted by the point estimate of α and 95% CI's that do not include zero are shown in black (i.e., introgression for these loci is significantly different than the genome-wide average). There are over 30,000 lines, thus individual 95% CI’s are difficult to see. b) Genomic clines for 1000 representative loci. Black lines denote clines with α values whose CI do not include zero. Grey lines denote loci whose α values had CI that did include zero. c) The correlation between FST and α. See text and Tables 1, 2 for statistics.

Nosil et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:164   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-164
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