Figure 1.

The COG of 11S globulin gene family. Solid lines show symmetrical BeTs (the Best Hits) and broken lines show asymmetrical BeTs. Genes from the same species are adjacent. Gene ID is indicated and the prefix "Rc" denotes IDs from Ricinus communis. Among these IDs, At1g03880, At1g03890, At4g28520 and At5g44120 are known to encode CRB, CRU2, CRC and CRA1, respectively; Glyma03g32030, Glyma03g32020, Glyma19g34780, Glyma10g04280, Glyma13g18450 and Glyma19g34770 to encode Gy1-5 and Gy7, respectively; Rc29600.m000561, Rc29600.m000564, Rc30005.m001289, Rc30005.m001290, Rc29611.m000223, Rc29200.m000169, Rc29629.m001355, Rc29709.m001187, Rc29716.m000305, Rc29200.m000167 and Rc30005.m001288 to encode RcLEG1-1 to RcLEG1-5 and RcLEG2-1 to RcLEG2-6, respectively; and Os01g55690, Os10g26060, Os03g31360, Os02g15169, Os02g15178, Os02g15150, Os02g16820, Os02g16830, Os02g14600, Os02g15070, Os02g25640 and Os02g15090 to encode GluA-1, GluA-2, GluA-3, GluB-1a, GluB-1b, GluB-2, GluB-5, GluB-4, GluB-7, GluB-6, GluC-1 and GluD, respectively.

Li et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-15
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