Table 4

Inferred ages of North American allopolyploid formation
Allopolyploid Oldest divergence from putative maternal parent Oldest divergence from putative paternal parent Inferred age of earliest polyploid formation
D. campyloptera (4x) D. intermedia (2x), 6.9 Ma D. expansa (2x) 4.6 Ma ≤ 4.6 Ma
D. carthusiana (4x) “D. semicristata” (2x?), 25.7 Ma D. intermedia (2x), 11.5 Ma ≤ 11.5 Ma
D. celsa (4x) D. ludoviciana (2x), 4.6 Ma D. goldiana (2x), 7.9 Ma ≤ 4.6 Ma
D. clintoniana (6x) D. cristata (4x), 13.7 and 7.3 Ma D. goldiana (2x), 7.9 Ma ≤ 7.3 Ma
D. cristata (4x) “D. semicristata” (2x?), 25.7 Ma D. ludoviciana (2x), 13.7 Ma ≤ 13.7 Ma
D. filix-Mas (4x) D. oreades/D. abbreviata/D. affinis/D. caucasica, 5.3 Ma D. affinis/D. caucasica?, 10.1 Ma ≤ 5.3 Ma

The dates of divergence between the allopolyploid homeologs and their closest diploid relatives are given. The age of earliest formation for each polyploid is inferred to be the younger of these two dates.

Sessa et al.

Sessa et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:104   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-104

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