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Supplementary Table S5, Robustness of the support to the removal and addition of taxa. All codon positions were analyzed under GTR + Γ4 and GTR + Γ4 + I models, for Bayesian and ML methods, respectively. Addition or removal of taxa to the complete nucleotide data set comprising 33 taxa and 3 concatenated genes, 3308 sites. Phylogenetic analyses were performed under models GTRnt + Γ4 + I and GTRnt + Γ4, for maximum-likelihood (ML) and Bayesian (BI) methods, respectively. Cells display support as [PP, SH, BS], with PP: posterior probability (BI), SH: Shimodaira-Hasegawa-like support (ML), and BS: bootstrap support (ML). "*": not applicable. (a): PP and BS are summed over various positions of Hepatocystis species. Main lineages of mammal parasites are defined according to their host preference: "Rodent", "Primate" and "Great Ape" (see Additional file 1 and 8, Tables S1 and S6). "-" removal of species. "+" addition of species. "P. fal.": P. falciparum; "P. rei.": P. reichenowi; "P. gab.": P. gaboni; "P. yoe.": P. yoelii; "P. ber.": P. berghei; "P. cha.": P. chabaudi; "Hum": human primate parasites P. malariae and P. ovale; "Afr.": African primate parasites P. gonderi and P. DAJ-2004; "Asi": 10 Asian primate parasites; "Pla.": Plasmodium species infecting saurian hosts; "Hae.": Haemoproteus and Parahaemoproteus species; "Leu.": Leucocytozoon species; "Haemo." Haemosporidian species.

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Blanquart and Gascuel BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:70   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-70