Figure 2.

Expression of Lithobius forficatus collier. (A) Blastoderm stage (stage 0) embryo. Transversal stripe of col expression in the anterior of the developing embryo. (A') DAPI counterstaining of embryo shown in A. (B) Stage 3.2 embryo. Expression anterior to the outgrowing labrum (arrowhead). Expression has completely disappeared from the intercalary segment (arrow). (B') DAPI counterstaining of the embryo shown in B. Arrow and arrowhead as in B. (C) Stage 5 embryo (flat-mounted). Expression persists anterior to the labrum. Expression extends from there towards the anterior rim of the germ band (arrowhead). De novo expression in the intercalary segment (ic) (large arrow). Note that the ic is now situated ventral to the base of the antennae. Segmental expression in the trunk at level of the developing legs (small arrow). Expression in the central nervous system along the ventral midline (asterisk). (C') DAPI counterstaining of the embryo shown in C. (D) Stage 6 embryo. Expression as shown for a stage 5 embryo persists at later developmental stages.

Janssen et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:50   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-50
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