Figure 2.

Expression territories of CiHox1, CiHox2 and CiHox4 positive cis-elements. A-D) LacZ expression of constructs 1UP2.4 and 1intro3.6 in electroporated embryos at tailbud and larva stages. E, F) CiHox1 endogenous expression profile by whole mount in situ hybridization at the same embryonic stages. LacZ and endogenous CiHox1 are both expressed in the epidermis and CNS between the trunk and the tail at tailbud (A, C, E) and larva (B, D, F) stages. Construct 1UP2.4 shows also ectopic expression in the sensory vesicle (A, B). G, H) Reporter gene expression of construct 2D3.1 in the future palps at tailbud stage (G) and in the palps, sensory vesicle at larva stage (H). I, J) LacZ expression of construct 4UP2.1 in the anterior CNS and mesenchymal pockets at tailbud (I) and only in the mesenchymal pockets at larva stage (J). K, L) whole mount in situ hybridization of CiHox4 gene in the mesenchymal pockets of embryos at the same developmental stages. White arrows indicate LacZ expression corresponding to the endogenous gene expression. Anterior is on the right and posterior on the left. All the embryos are on a dorsal view, except A, C and E that are on a lateral view.

Natale et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:330   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-330
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