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Figure S3. Parts B-E. 3D homology models reconstructed for RecA of the Calyptogena phaseoliformis symbiont. Homology modeling using the Swiss-Model Workspace ( webcite) was based on the 3D structure of Escherichia coli RecA (PDB accession number 1U94: [24]) as a template. B, Homology model reconstructed for C. phaeoliformis symbiont RecA. C, Homology model reconstructed for N-terminal and C-terminal amino acid peptides of RecA in C. fausta symbiont. N-terminal and C-terminal peptides are shown in violet and light blue, respectively. D, Crystal structure of E. coli RecA (accession # = 1U94); α-helices and β-sheets are indicated in red-green, and light blue, respectively. E, Merged 3D structures of RecAs of E. coli (D) and of C. phaseoliformis symbionts (B) showing that their 3D structures are nearly the same. This suggests that the C. phaseoliformis symbiont RecA is intact and functional.

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Kuwahara et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:285   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-285