Figure 9.

Different Sox transcription factor binding site motifs. The sequence logos [41] for different Sox paralogs from different sources (JASPAR and Transfac [21,22]) are shown. Transfac uses a slightly different color coding (colors of A and T are switched). Obviously, Sox5 and Sox9 match nearly the same motifs, Sry matches a closely related one. The reverse complement of the ACAA core of these motifs is furthermore part of the other JASPAR motifs (TTGT in Sox2, Sox10 and Sox17). TTGT is also part of the first two Transfac motifs shown and ACAA is part of two of the three Transfac Sry motifs. The Transfac Sox-Motif is a family motif that is assigned to many different Sox-paralogs (Sox2, Sox3, Sox4, Sox5, L-Sox5, Sox6, Sox6 isoforms, Sox8, Sox9, Sox10, Sox11, Sox12, Sox13, Sox14, Sox15, Sox18, Sox20, Sox21, SRY, SoxLZ, Sox-xbb1) from different taxa (Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Human, the whole Mammalia taxon, and some more less known model species).

Struckmann et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:267   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-267
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