Figure 1.

Overview over analyzed genome sequences and their taxonomic classification. The names of 62 non-mammalian species whose genomes we analyzed are grouped by phylum. 11 additional mammalian genomes we analyzed are summarized as "11 Mammals". Next to each species, the number of BEL/Pao elements we identified is shown. If we were not able to identify any element in one genome, the genome name is shown in red. Genome sequences where BEL/Pao elements had been already identified previously are marked with an asterix (*). For completeness we list seven additional species where no complete genome sequence was available but where BEL/Pao elements had been identified previously (shown in parentheses). A: Abe et al. (2001) [20], C1: Cook et al. (2000) [13], C2: Copeland et al. (2005) [16], J: Jurka and Kohany (2010) [21], L: Llorens et al. (2008) [23], S: Steinemann and Steinemann (1997) [19].

de la Chaux and Wagner BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:154   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-154
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