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The effect of antibiotic dosage intensity and the interval between treatments on the cell types persisting at equilibrium for the extended model. "F" denotes wild-type cells, "P" denotes cells infected with a plasmid carrying resistance and "C" denotes cells with resistance on the chromosome and "B" denotes cells carrying plasmids that do not code for resistance genes. The cost of antibiotic resistance is either cc = 0.04, cp= 0.02 (in figure A) or cc = 0.02, cp = 0.04 (in figure B), in the absence of segregation (i.e. s = 0). Cell types that are present in the population at a density greater than exceeding 0.001 are shown. The plots were calculated by running the simulation for a number of parameter values for 5,000 time-steps. Lines were then smoothed by interpolation. Parameters used are r = 1, β = 0.1, a = 1, x = 0.05, m = 0.1, s = 0 and l = 0.5.

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Svara and Rankin BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:130   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-130