Figure 3.

Molecular cytogenetic analysis of Thinopyrum intermedium. Molecular cytogenetic analysis of accessions Thinopyrum intermedium-2 (a, c and d) and Thinopyrum intermedium-3 (b). (a, b) Fluorescent signals of total DNA of Pseudoroegneria spicata labeled with digoxigenin (red pseudocolor), total genomic DNA of Taeniatherum caput-medusae labeled with biotin (green pseudocolor) and total genomic DNA of Dasypyrum villosum (blue pseudocolor) labeled with digoxigenin after washing and reprobing of the slide. Each of these three probes produced dispersed signal over 14 chromosomes, presumably representing individual subgenomes. (c, d) Fluorescent signals of total genomic DNA of P. spicata labeled with digoxigenin (red pseudocolor) and total genomic DNA of D. villosum labeled with biotin (blue pseudocolor), and, after washing and reprobing, total genomic DNA of Aegilops tauschii (c) labeled with biotin (green pseudocolor) and total genomic DNA of Thinopyrum elongatum (d) labeled with digoxigenin (green pseudocolor). Note the overlapping signal of T. caput-medusae, Th. elongatum, and Ae. tauschii on one subgenome.

Mahelka et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:127   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-127
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