Figure 1.

Phylogram obtained with MrBayes with the MAFFT alignment including the Sardinian species, with the geographical area in which the main lineages are distributed (see Fig. 2). Black circles, well supported nodes (Bayesian pp >0.95, ML bootstrap >70%) for the four measures (Bayesian in MrBayes, ML in Garli, each for the MAFFT and PRANK alignments). Grey circles, good support in at least two measures, the others at least bootstrap >50% or pp >0.5. See Additional file 3 for the detailed values of support, and Fig. 2 for the distribution of the main clades. Habitus of species, from top to down: (1) Lagariella colominasi (Zariquiey), (2) Salgadoia brieti (Jeannel), (3) Troglocharinus kiesenwetteri (Dieck), (4) Perriniella faurai Jeannel, (5) Phacomorphus fratyi (Dupré), (6) Pseudospeonomus raholai (Zariquiey), (7) Aranzadiella leizaolai Español, (8) Bathysciola mystica Fresneda & Fery, (9) Quaestus arcanus Schauffus, (10) Spelaeochlamys ehlersi Dieck, (11) Bathysciola zariquieyi Bolívar, (12) Notidocharis uhagoni (Sharp), (13) Catops nigricans (Spence).

Ribera et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010 10:29   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-29
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