Figure 6.

lz-driven GFP, and Lz protein expression are downregulated in cells overexpressing Ttk69. A-B. Confocal images of GFP-expressing (green) undifferentiated cells in lzGal4, UAS-gfp and lzGal4, UAS-gfp;UAS-ttk69 eye discs. C. R1/6 cells in a lzGal4, UAS-gfp disc co-stained with Bar (red) and GFP (green). D. In lzGal4, UAS-gfp;UAS-ttk69 eye discs, Bar and GFP expression are downregulated. E. A confocal image of a lzGal4, UAS-gfp disc shows a Pros-expressing R7 cell (red) co-expressing GFP in each ommatidium. F. R7 cells are lost upon Ttk69 overexpression. G. Image of the cone cell (CC) plane in lzGal4, UAS-gfp discs shows four Pros-labelled (red), GFP-expressing (green) CCs per ommatidium. H. Most CCs are lost upon Ttk69 overexpression. I. Projected image of Lz antibody (green) staining in undifferentiated cell planes (non Elav-expressing) of GMRGal4;+ eye discs. J. Down-regulation of Lz (green) is observed upon Ttk69 overexpression. I'-I". Most dapi-stained undifferentiated cells (light blue; I') in control discs also express Lz (I"). Numerous dapi stained undifferentiated cells were observed in GMRGal4;UAS-ttk69 eye discs (J'), but few expressed Lz (J"). K. Lz is expressed in R1, 6 and R7 cells of control GMRGal4;+ eye discs (Elav, red; Lz, green). L. Co-localisation of Elav and Lz was not observed in GMRGal4;UAS-ttk69 eye discs, and a decrease in Lz expression was observed. M. Imaging in the apical plane of control discs show four Lz-labelled CCs (outlined). N Few Lz labelled CCs are observed in GMRGal4;UAS-ttk69 eye discs. Scale bars: A-D and I- L all indicate 10 μm, E -H, I'-J", M and N indicate 5 μm.

Siddall et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2009 9:64   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-9-64
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