Figure 4.

Ectopic lz expressing R7 cells are observed in ttk1e11 and ttkrm730 mutant ommatidia. A. A single planar confocal image of undifferentiated cells shows cytoplasmically localised lz-driven GFP expression (green) in a disc from a lzGal4, UAS-gfp fly. B-C. No change in GFP expression could be detected in ttk- mutant undifferentiated cells generated in a lzGal4, UAS-gfp background. For B-C, E-F (excluding insets), H, H', I and I', images were taken from regions of the disc with large ttk- clonal patches (β-gal in far red not shown). D-F. Confocal images of Elav labelled neuronal cells (red) and lz-driven GFP expressing cells (green) reveal that ttk1e11 (E) and ttkrm730 (F) mutant R1 and R6 cells develop normally. D (inset) shows a higher magnification image of wt, gfp-expressing R1 and R6 cells co-expressing Elav. E and F insets show mosaic discs of ttk- clones (GFP negative; outlined) stained with Bar (red) and GFP (green). No loss of, or extra, Bar-expressing cells were observed. G-I. Confocal images show ectopic GFP-expressing R7 cells co-expressing Runt (red) in ttk- mutant discs (H-I). G'-I'. lz-driven GFP in the R7 cell plane is in grayscale. Scale Bars in A-F indicate 10 μm, In D-F (insets) and in G-I' they indicate 5 μm.

Siddall et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2009 9:64   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-9-64
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