Figure 7.

shh and disp1 are coexpressedin the developing head. Lateral views of wild type embryos labeled with RNA probe for shh (A,C,E) or disp1 (B,D,F). (A,B) At 22 hpf (shh) - 25 hpf (disp1)are both expressed in ventral neuroectoderm (ne). (C,D) At 34 hpf, shh and disp1 expression becomes detectable in oral ectoderm (oe) and pharyngeal endoderm (pe), in addition to the neuroectoderm (ne). Arrowheads denote expression within the neuroectoderm for both shh and disp1. (E-F) By 48 hpf, shh and disp1 expression becomes more prominent in the oe and pe, and is further expanded to the pharyngeal ectodermal margin (pem). shh and disp1 expression persists in the ne at 48 hpf.

Schwend and Ahlgren BMC Developmental Biology 2009 9:59   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-9-59
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