Additional file 12.

Oocyte and somatic cell-enriched gene lists represented by the corresponding probes in the Affymetrix MOE430 v.2 (A) and Agilent mouse developmental (B) platforms. These lists were used for GSEA analysis presented in additional file 13. They correspond to the top-scoring hits from additional microarray analyses (see text) with an arbitrary cut-off at the 50th or 100th rank (labeled as "Top50" and "Top100"). Additional labels (see Methods for details): OvFetSoma, enriched in fetal ovary somatic cells relative to bipotential gonad and to testis (Sf1-positive cells); FetalOo, enriched in newborn oocytes relative to postnatal growing oocytes; OoGrow, enriched in postnatal growing oocytes relative to newborn oocytes; SomaGrow, enriched in postnatal growing somatic cells by an indirect analysis, i.e., enriched in postnatal versus newborn whole-organ ovary preparation and excluded from the "OoGrow" markers; "testis determination markers", genes known to be involved in gonadal XY sex reversal when inactivated.

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Garcia-Ortiz et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2009 9:36   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-9-36