Figure 6.

The Pax2 expression domain in the telencephalic septum is located in a more dorsal position in the Pax6Sey/Sey mutant than in wild type. Pax2 expression in the telencephalic septum in E12.5 wild type (wt) (A, B, D) and Pax6Sey/Sey mutant (Sey) (C, E) coronal sections. A: Double immunofluorescence with Pax2 (red) and Pax6 (green) reveals that the two proteins are expressed in non-overlapping, mutually exclusive domains. The arrows in A indicate the ventral and dorsal limits of Pax6 and Pax2 expression respectively. B-C: Pax2 expression in wt and Sey embryos, showing that the Pax2 expression domain is shifted dorsally in the Sey mutant (C) compared to wt (B). The septum and the Pax2 expression domain are indicated by dashed lines and arrows respectively. D-E: Double immunofluorescence with Pax2 (red) and Lim1/2 (green) in the septum shows that Pax2 expression is found within the Lim-positive domain in both wild types (D) and Sey mutants (E), suggesting that the shifted Pax2 expression domain in the Sey mutant is still within the limits of the ventral telencephalon. Note that panels B and C correspond to slightly more rostral sections than those shown in D and E respectively. Scale bars: A, B, C, 200 μm; D, E, 100 μm.

Fotaki et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2008 8:79   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-8-79
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