Figure 9.

The distribution and number of Brn3a expressing cells in the retina is not affected by Pax6 overexpression at E12.5. (A-C) Brn3a (brown diaminobenzidine product) immunohistochemistry on coronal sections. (D-F) Brn3a immunofluorescence on wholemount retina with the lens removed viewed from the front and shown as a negative greyscale image for clarity. Dotted circle marks optic nerve head. (A,D) Pax6+/+, (B,E) PAX77+, (C,F) PAX77+/+. Note that in all genotypes the highest density of Brn3a expressing cells is located in the dorso-central retina. (G) Quantification of Brn3a positive cells showing that there is no significant difference in numbers in the three genotypes.Pax6+/+ n = 3, PAX77+ n = 3, PAX77+/+ n = 4. Abbreviations: l, lens; on, optic nerve; of, optic fissure. Dorsal is at the top in all images. Scale bars: (A-C) and (D-F) 100 μm.

Manuel et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2008 8:59   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-8-59
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