Figure 1.

Rybp localization during prenatal mouse ocular development. (A-H) Sagittal sections were immunostained for Rybp (brown) and counterstained lightly with hematoxylin (purple) at E10.5 (A), E11.5 (B) and E16.5 (C-H). Higher-magnification of areas stained with the Rybp antibody indicated in (C) are shown in panels D-G. (I-L) Panels show the gradual increase of Rybp expression in the developing neural retina at E10.5 (I), E11.5 (J), E13.5 (K) and E18.5 (L). C; cornea, E; embryonic, GCL; ganglion cell layer, INL; inner nuclear layer, L; lens, NR; neuroretina, ON; optic nerve, PM; periocular mesenchyme, SE; surface ectoderm, OC; optic cup. Magnifications: A (×460); B(×320); C(×250); D(×800); E-H(×400); I(×630); J(×460), K(×320); L(×250).

Pirity et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2007 7:39   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-7-39
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